About Us

Brand Story
One1 is the manifestation of the luxurious International feel with a Mediterranean twist. Right in the heart of Habtoor City comes a representation of exquisite fresh tastes and breathtaking décor! High-quality design elements are mixed and arranged perfectly to recreate the One1 experience of a niche restaurant and lounge. From our logo onwards we tend to reflect many symbolic elements although it is simple and minimalistic yet it holds many references behind it. We can refer One1 as a balanced conceptual number which we can also relate it to the angelic and celestial symbol which the repetition of 1`s refers to. In ancient history it is believed that our solar system is connected somehow to the angel number 11 on which solar eclipses happen. This usually indicates unique vigorous energy which leads to dynamic magic synergies that creates a spark of creativity and strength to the philosophical meaning of number eleven (1+1). This is what elevates the style of the venue, making it not just welcoming but also a sought-after venue for a great escapade and an exceptional experience of delectable flavors, elegant vibes, and unforgettable nights.

About Us

UAE’s first luxury experiential lounge open its doors on January 6th 2023 echoing the sentiment of the forbearers of its name. it represents evenings full of mystery, entertainment and culinary brilliance. Using artificial intelligence and never seen before technology, the lounge creates a 3D-mapped immersive space, starting at the entrance, so you can truly enjoy its thematic offerings. Entry, once gained, opens up new doors and with them, a new world where fantasy and reality blend. At one end of the long corridor, you would experience ambience-creating audio visual light routines while listening to regionally known Djs at our booth. The club’s LED studded walls transform every event to bring to life a new theme. And at each VIP pod that have AI-backed touch screen tables, the experience and the menu displays will create a more fun engagement for the customers – bespoke fusion creations, signature drinks concocted for just this space, and we have scoured the globe for expert shisha mixologists with a knack for reinventing the drink. The menu, streetscape, displays, and entertainment on board go beyond typical expectations to create a truly unique atmosphere. We go all-out to present an exciting, immersive encounter with everything at our disposal to give our guests the most pleasurable experience possible. Our team has selected the best chefs in the country to create innovative fusion foods. Our food is not what you would expect, because our chefs use a unique style to pleasantly surprise you. Our cuisine is an international fusion with an innovative array of methods and food tricks.


One1’s mission is to bring people together for happy moments by offering the perfect entertainment, a stunning mood atmosphere, and the freshest cuisine.


Our vision is to consistently present the highest quality standards in hospitality, making our brand’s international expansion a reality in the coming future.